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05 October 2006

Coordinated blog launch and website update

Hi everyone,

I am oficially starting my personal weblog coordinating with a small update of my own website. After some initial setup (I've never blogged before) and some template and style hacking, it has reached a very simple but pragmatic and pleasing look; everything was carefully placed to maximise usability.

My website is a place where I introduce myself to the world and talk a little about me, my work, my hobbies, etc. It has several technical articles and other academic ones. The address?

I created this weblog because my website is getting updated less than once per month (essentially due to the necessary effort) and I wanted to share some thoughts more often. A blog implementation would surely take some fair effort and would certainly imply bugs and security issues (although I never minded reinventing wheels). This time, I decided to use a well established and free service like (or
[I'm still tweaking the layout, so expect some ocasional misplacements]

As for the content, well... I'm predicting that both website and weblog will have some technical stuff, although in time the website will be more on the techie side and the weblog more on the personal side.

So for now enjoy my website because there isn't much to see here yet.

Cheers, PJ.

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