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31 May 2007

physical security: places to stash money

All fields of Security are of great interest to me. I am still not sure why... Today I stumbled upon these really interesting eye-openers about stashing valuables at home.

Cheers, PJ.


Rui Covelo said...

"All fields of Security are of great interest to me. I am still not sure why...(...)"

I found this part interesting because I've also been thinking about that recently. I think I know what has happened to me.

I started by studying computer security and all related subjects. From that I learned a lot about "Social Engineering" and how, sometimes, what takes to break a computer system security is not a geek talent for computers but the "art of deceiving" or simply taking advantage of human stupidity.

From that, and maybe also because I work in a banking institution, I started looking with more interest to possible ways to get to information with no or few knowledge about computers, and also how to get physical access to important computer systems.

When you go this way and you are someone eager for knowledge of every kind (as I know you are), it's just a small step to everything related with security. Even "places to stash money" :)

PS: ok, reading Bruce Schneier's bog may also have something to do with it :D

Unknown said...


Reading Schneier's blog may be a reason or a consequence for (part of) my interest in security, but I am not sure which... maybe both now that I think of it :)

I would rephrase "human stupidity" to "human behaviour". I know it is not that different but it is softer.

You should check out the video of the "No-tech hacking" presentation by Johnny Long on Shmoocon 2007 (

Anyway, thanks for the comment,
Cheers, PJ.