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13 September 2007

proactive security - software inspector tool

Recently I found a really nice software inspector published by the respected Secunia free for personal use.

The software inspector is a tool that lists all your installed programs and extracts version numbers for each one. After that it verifies the list against secunia's database of vulnerabilities.
A score is then calculated to indicate the up-to-date percentage of your system, along with a summary of all the programs that should be updated due to expected security flaws. For many programs, PSI will produce a direct link to download the related update file. A low percentage means a high security risk because software versions are old and known to have vulnerabilities or other security issues. On the other hand, a high percentage means that the system's software in general is up to date making the host less prone to be successfully attacked.

Additionally, an agent remains running in the background maintaining the software list updated and reacting when you install, upgrade or downgrade programs, informing or advising accordingly.

I would seriously recommend this inspector for every windows workstation connected to the internet.

Cheers, PJ.

- I am in no way associated with secunia nor I benefit in any way from advertising their product.
- Updated in 2007-09-20 to put a differente screenshot. this does not show a 100% score and suggests an update to a program.


Rui Covelo said...

I tried it and it seems nice. It requires a few tweaks in my opinion. It's still beta so...

It's an approximation to "apt-get update" or "emerge -up world" on Windows when used to have your apps up to date. but still very far. :)

Unknown said...

Yes, it looks like an early beta. It has been running ok on my (work) system, though!

Some day we'll be able to say: "Please update all my system, thanks. Let me know when you've finished"... just like Linux :)