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14 December 2006

surfing the wikipedia: from cavitation to the MOAB

Hi everyone,

I tend to do these things - start reading on a particular techie subject and next thing I know, hours passed I still have about 10 tabs to read of wikipedia articles.
I remember having done this with gas turbine technology (various types of jet engines, rotating engines, some theory, etc.), aircraft types and models, cpu types and architectures... etc.

Today I started looking up cavitation due to a recent conversation with a friend and went on to supercavitation, russian supercavitation torpedoes. Then I reviewed the ground effect, ekranoplanes, beriev Be-2500, Howard Huges' spruce goose and the Boeing Pelican. The Boeing Pelican is a potentially military device capable of carrying the daisy cutter and/or the MOAB (a.k.a. Mother of All Bombs).

This kind of dwelling through such a vast information source is something impossible before websites like wikipedia or how stuff works.

P.S.: I apologise for writing this post in 14 December 2006 and only posting it in 9 January 2007. I forgot to click "publish" and forgot all about the bog post.

Cheers, PJ.

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