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20 January 2007

2006 is left behind.

Who would believe that 2006 would ever end?? Quickly a new year came to take 2006's place. 2007 they call it.

Sorry for my bad jokes. Now that the dust is settled and I have a little more time, I've decided to write a couple posts on different subjects. Today I'm writing about the New Year's Eve.

This year I spent the New Year's Eve with a group of friends in a very traditional Portuguese village called "Covilhã". Covilhã is located just on the second tallest Portuguese mountain chain: "Serra da Estrela". It's a dead beautiful place to visit either on the winter or on the summer.

Samples of some of the available landscapes:

With everything summed, it was a great weekend of 3 days with a new year's eve included. Already looking forward for the next new year's eve or long weekend, whichever comes first!

Cheers, PJ.

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