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12 November 2007

Reading queue

Hey everyone,

Thought I should advertise what nice books I got this week and what is my current reading queue. I am not a book guy, I don't read books frequently, but recent events (my birthday) have built a reasonable queue (for my standards):

  • Richard Hammond: On the edge: My story (ISBN 0297853279);
My wife offered this book to me because she knows I admire Hammond and I too am a petrol head. She always gives me the best gifts... How does she do it? Thanks Mrs V.

Richard Hammond is one of the presenters of BBC's Top Gear - a program for petrol heads. Last year he had a major crash on the "Vampire" jet powered car just after breaking the British land speed record previously set by the same car. The crash inflicted serious brain damage and recovery would take a long time. He got better quickly and returned to his job in Top Gear, exactly as before. This book is his view of his (risky) job, the story of the accident and recovery, his comeback to Top Gear, his reasons for risking his life, very nearly loosing it, go back and keep doing it.
  • John Freeman: Collins Digital SLR handbook (ISBN 0007242107);
My friends gave me this one. I am also looking to learn more and more about photography and this will make a valuable addition to my knowledge. Thanks guys! Brilliant stuff!
  • Lucian Gheorghe: Designing and Implementing Linux Firewalls with QoS using netfilter, iproute2, NAT and L7-filter (ISBN 1904811655);
Beware! Highly geeky stuff inside! I bought it because Linux x Firewalls x QoS is one of my fields of interest. One which I haven't spent enough time investigating, hence the book. This is also a reference book, but I will give it a patient end-to-end read before getting my hands dirty. This is not my typical approach to learn on these kinds of fields... A gift from me.

Cheers, PJ.

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