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16 November 2008

A visit to the Harley-Davidson dealer

Hello everyone,

Yes, I succumbed to the insistent calling of this (un)holy place just 5 miles away from where I live.

Decisions, decisions, decisions, originally uploaded by pjvenda.

And I felt like a little kid, shopping for christmas, with an unlimited budget! Not that I had a budget or even the intention of buying anything, but the mere thought of possibly doing so in a couple years time, really messed with myself in a most unexpected way. I never thought that visiting a store could create such a warm and fuzzy felling.

It felt strangely familiar and strangely similar to the Hard Rock cafe franchise - the music and decoration, the staff's black "uniforms", etc.

There were so many bikes for sale - some seemed pretty rare by the looks of it and from the warning signs that said "please don't touch or sit". All those Sportsters, Softtails, Dynas, VSRCs... All those obscenely expensive extras: the chromed screamin'eagle exhausts, the black matte screamin'eagle exhausts, the classic open face helmets, the leather jackets, everything else-leather...

Of course I took the opportunity to snap a few shots. Not that the light was great. I mean, it was when I left home, but as the 10 minutes went by between my street and Wootton, the clouds came in...

But of all things, this was it:

When I walk in there again to order my own Sporster, that will be something to remember - I'm sure of it!!

Cheers, PJ.

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