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28 December 2008

More next year

I'm still lousy at this. But I'm taking a break from my stressful (?) blogging routine until sometime next month, in 2009.

Here's a short wish list of mine for next year:

* I would like to improve my photography technique. I would like to have a Canon EOS 5D mkII on my budget as well as a new tripod, at least two decent lenses and bibble 5 (which is proving to be a difficult birth). I will upload stuff to flickr.

* Some really exciting stuff is happening at the beginning of next year, which will be a worthy blog post when done. Until then, it's a surprise (even for me, to a certain level).

* I am also looking forward to book my leisure flight on a Cessna or a Piper somewhere in the UK - courtesy of my lovely wife. That will be amazing and bring me closer to aviation in a techie kind of way. A baloon ride would be excellent as well :)

* I will do a bit more of travelling around but that isn't well determined, yet. I know I'm going to Prague, but that's it so far.

* I *need* to do some go-Karting again as well as, perhaps, another track day experience.

* I should blog more often. I know that some of my friends read this sorry excuse of a blog so, it is in my best interest that they be informed of what's going on on this side of the channel that deserves being blogged about. But that's not always an easy task. Also my techie reviews and rants are sure to be useful for someone...

* I will update my website more often and, more importantly, with new interesting material. This includes interfacing with blogger and flickr.

So long. Back next year.
Until then: Cheers, PJ.

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