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31 March 2011

Ducati Desmosedici RR

One of the past weekend's highlights was spotting a rare bike... Alice.

Alice is a Ducati Desmosedici RR: a £40k road legal MotoGP motorcycle replica. This is a rare find, particularly due to its price, but also because of scarce availability.

There's a lot special about this bike from an engineering point of view.

Here's a detailed technical description and comparison between a Desmosedici RR and a GPn:
And this is a very good succinct 3d model of a desmodromic valve:

From a rider's standpoint this is probably as close as one can get to a road legal motogp bike. And that's ~200bhp at the rear wheel, slipper clutch, 171Kg (== over 1000 bhp per 1000Kg), a beautiful growling Ducati V-4 engine attached to a glorious - barely legal - exhaust and handling manners of a race bike.
This is _not_ my type of bike, but it's as exciting as a GT1 racing car. Like such, I would not pass the opportunity to try it out. :-]

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