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08 March 2011

eroded compact disc

Metallica: the black album, an album of a very rare breed of musical work. I bought this CD a long time ago - around 1994 (about 17 years ago). Shortly after I bought it, maybe a year or so, I noticed these tiny cracks appearing around the edges. Those tiny cracks have been growing as if erosion or corrosion has been taking place in the reflective material.

eroded compact disc?
No other CD I own has ever had this kind of issue. I'm guessing this was a manufacturing defect, perhaps a one-off or an entire batch, who knows? The last track doesn't play any more - there's no reflective material left to cover the entire surface that contains it.

Isn't it ironic that this kind of physical wear would develop in a compact disc - one of the most robust digital support ever made, originally developed and aimed at the consumer market as reliable media to record and playback music? The fact that this was a one-off in my collection and that a (quick) google search revealed nothing of this kind probably means that this is indeed rare.

But a curious one, nonetheless...

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